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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Broken Victorian Doll

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!! For my last Halloween look I decided to do the Victoria cracked doll look. This was my favorite one to do. Hope you like it and have a safe Happy Halloween :)

Products Used:

Black Out Contacts from http://www.youknowit.com/
Urban Decay 24/7 black eyeliner "zero" for the crack on face
Hard Candy Blush #125 Living doll
Hard Candy Lip Gloss # 149 "Material Girl"
Jane Mineral Foundation in Natural
Hot topic Bloody Mary white pressed powder
False Lashes from Wal-Mart
Under eye I used Espresso apply very little mixed with the
Blush Living doll
Curl your hair and add a flower clip to side

For fun I went to http://www.imikimi.com/ and added my
face to this doll they have a lot of picture frames and cut outs :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vampire Diaries Inspired Look

Hey everyone, so I wanted to do a Vampire Diaries inspired look. I love the show and I'm reading the books. I was so excited to do this look. I hope you enjoy it. I don't have the necklace on in the pictures but I bought the necklace that Stefan gives Elena that has vervain. I have searched many different sites and I was told the CW was selling them, but they were plastic and lots of negative feedback. I know etsy is selling the necklace as well and its sterling silver for 165.00 and its really beautiful but not my price range. Then I came across this site and purchased it for $38.00 sterling silver and its so worth it I notice price is raised $50-60 but still is worth it.

pendent opens

Products Used:
Red contacts if you want
For the veins I used the Mac 4 palette spiced chocolate
Berry plum eye shadow for eyes
Scarecrow fangs from hot topic
Lighter foundation

For Katherine jewelry I found this at the mall for $25.00 necklace and matching earrings

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey everyone, so I decided to try this Saw Halloween look out. Hope you enjoy it. I had so much fun doing this. Hope everyone is having a great weekend :) xoxo

Products Used:

White Face Paint
Black Bean NYX Jumbo Pencil
Red Contacts
Black Eyeshadow
Red Lip Liner

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dark Elf

Hey lovely people so I went to Halloween Express and found some Elf ears for $4.99 and decided to get them. So I came up with this Halloween look, would look better with some false lashes. Let me know what you think and hope you like it. For the design on my forehead I used my konad stamp set using the NYX jumbo pencil black bean and it came out good wasn’t sure if it would work but it did. Contacts are from Vampfangs and are NON-RX they do also sell them with prescription you will need to provide your Doctors information for both non-rx and prescription. Just to let you know I have dark eyes so this will show up for any color eyes. Check out there site they have tons of different stuff I love it http://www.vampfangs.com/. Also I purchased contact lenses with my own money they were not given to me by the company.

Products I used:
Jane natural foundation mixed with photo ready in 006
Photo Ready Powder#030
Hard Candy Blush #125
Lime Crime Purple Glitter
Hard Candy eye shadow #274 super nova
Makeup forever hot pink blush for under eyes
NYX Jumbo pencil Black Bean
Urban Decay Oil Slick for lips mixed with purple
Konad stamp for design on forehead plate M4
Spirit Gum
Contacts are from VampFangs here is link if interested

contacts how they come packaged

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dead Silent Walker Girl

Hey everyone, so sorry for the delay on my postings. School has been extremely overwhelming and finally this weekend got a chance to do a Halloween look hope you like it. I will be posting more today or some time this week. Sorry the first picture I used my phone camera


Products I used:

White face cream for the face
Mehron color set powder for the face
Matte Mac Blue “Clarity” mixed lightly with the white face cream for lips
L.A. Colors Brown Palette and black matte eyeshadow for around the eyes
L.A. Colors Berry Plum for Cheeks
Black thread
Spirit Gum
Red Contacts