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Friday, June 1, 2012

Splat Hair Dye

Hey everyone I finally had some time to review the Splat rebellious colors. First off I luv this product I did have to bleach my hair, but this product comes with everything you will need. You will need to apply Vaseline or something around your hair line, face the Spat products do stain. As you can see in my picture below the color is extremely blue which I luv. I have been wanting to do this for some time but could never find the right product or color I wanted and this was perfect. This is semi-permanent the color does fade but last about two weeks for me. They have several colors check out their link here   http://splathaircolor.com/kits.html. I purchased splat at wal-mart less than $10.00.
 I have only used the Blue Envy and the first color I used was Lusty Lavender "purple".  If you like drastic and intense color this product is what you’re looking for. Luv to hear what u think.

camera with flash 

This was taken  a couple of months ago using the  Lusty Lavender