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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Create Your Own Vanity Lights with on/off Switch

How to make your own vanity light…. Really simple to do and not expensive :)...Things you will need to buy
Vanity light bar you can get at Lowes, Home Depot or any other Home improvement store The 3- 4 lights range from $9.99 to $24.99 the one I have was $14.99 plus tax

next you will need a lamp cord with the on and off switch when I went to buy this...this is all they had
now the black piece where the light bulb goes I had to cut off with some wire cutters and strip a piece of the wire which is not hard to do when done this is what is should look like....

Now you can buy this already done they were just out. They are called lamp cord with spt-1 or you can get the spt-2 What’s the Difference?
SPT-2 Cord has thicker insulation & a higher amperage rating, but both types are suitable for most household or craft indoor applications. SPT-1 = 7 amp rating & SPT-2 = 10 amp rating 
Here is a website if your local area is out http://www.nationalartcraft.com/subcategory.asp?gid=1&cid=1&scid=3 

So on the back of your vanity bar you should have two wires a white one and black one like this

what your going to do is twist your white wire from you vanity light bar with one of your your lamp cord wires and also twist your black cord from vanity lights with the other wire from you lamp cord, after twisting them together this is what it should look like

 Now you will then twist your wire caps on...... my vanity light came with 3 but you only need two you might want to ask if they come with your vanity lights I didn't know so I bought a bag for less then $3.00 so I have to take them back but just ask so you don't have to return anything, it will save you a trip back to the store :)  if yours doesn't they do sell them for less then 3.00 here's what they look like and if you do have to buy them make sure they give you correct size that matches your lamp cord. After you twist you caps on tug lightly if it stays on then your good if the cap just comes off try twisting in opposite direction.
this is what is should look like when your done you can also get the black electric tape if for some reason your wires are long and hang down. Now just make sure you get the correct light bulbs and you should end up with nice working vanity lights hope this helps.... what I love about this is  now you can take or move your light anywhere you want. 


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  6. Love the light idea. Will have to do this in the future.

  7. Great article! An easy step by step with pictures. I am installing three vanities in my shop (B-Witched Beauty Bar) and have to do the vanity this way, thanks for sharing.